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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cards from Baseball Dad

Baseball Dad/Dave from “Indians Baseball Cards” opened a pack a day last year from opening day till the end of the season plus some bonus packs.  You were able to claim a team or players and when they were pulled, you got the cards.  All he asked in return was to send him some cards in a trade or paypal him some money.  I don’t have much of anything to trade so I sent him some money a few days ago.  Let’s check out what I got.


First off, the odd shaped cards.  The Bobby Thigpen is a normal sized card.  You can see the 1986 Donruss cards are huge in comparison, I didn’t know they came that size until I saw Dave opening them.  And then the pop-up is from 1985 Donruss (I think).  I do remember having some of those back then so it wasn’t new to me.


All of these 1990’s cards are new to the White Sox collection.


As well as these from the 2000’s.  Nothing terribly exciting but I needed all of them so it’s still greatly appreciated.

He’s getting ready to draft this years cards so jump on over to “Indians Baseball Cards” and get signed up.

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