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Monday, February 4, 2013

Completed Team Sets–1989 Topps

I believe I was one card short when I received it from Jeff over at “2 by 3 Heroes” to complete the 1989 Topps team set.


I know it’s not a flashy site but some of the cards aren’t bad.  And look, a Topps All-Rookie, you know they always predict the next super star.


Ozzie Guillen and Harold Baines, previous manager and coach.  Steve Lyons, and he has his pants on.


I do like the cursive team name but they definitely could have done better with the pictures.  Carlton Fisk and Greg Walker.  HOF and hitting coach, it’s close.


Jack McDowell, great pitcher.  And our current coach’s rookie card, Robin Ventura.  Ok, so Chicago White Sox team sets aren’t expensive to complete.  Makes you wonder why I don’t have more.

Thanks Jeff for completing another team set.

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  1. Black Jack without the goatee. He always looks weird clean shaven.