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Monday, June 29, 2020

Some guy you may know

I've been busy for a few days so I'm behind for my June posts. They'll probably go into July and I haven't even got them ready yet. I've been slacking.

We all know this guy and I got a bunch of his so we'll just show the goods.

These 2 cards came from Sportlots, obviously, one is a variation of the other. I don't remember which and I'm not going to look right now. Ok, I went and looked and they are both variations. The left is a photo variation, the right is the Holo Blue version.

All of those above Ripken's came from my cousin Sluggo. A pretty good mixture of cards I think. All of these Ripken's give me 531 cards in his collection.


  1. Stadium Club, UD3, Gallery, and Gold Label, nice! That's a hefty collection of Cals for sure.

  2. Gotta say... I don't normally care for 1988 Donruss cards, but that 1988 Donruss Baseball's Best card of Ripken with the oriole orange borders is very cool.