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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Trade with the Diamond King

I posted some trade bait a week or so ago and Kevin of “The Diamond King” blog claimed some cards.  I sent his, he sent mine, and another great trade was finished.  This is my 2nd trade with him and I’m just as pleased with this one.  This was the 1st trade that I didn’t get any White Sox cards but that’s ok, because he sent some great cards.


I’ve been getting some great Tom Seaver’s for my collection from traders and Kevin added these 5.  Really like the Kellogg’s card, I remember those from back in the day.


He also sent 4 more Konerko’s for my collection, all Dodgers.  I knew he played for the Dodgers, but I didn’t realize how many cards he had with them.  I thought it was just a few, I was way wrong.  I read on someone’s comment’s the other day how many and was astonished.  I don’t remember where I read that as I have over 100 card blogs I read but you guys are a very reliable source.

But a big shout out to Kevin and go check out his blog “The Diamond King”.  Thanks Kevin!!!

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  1. I'll get you some Sox next time!!! Thanks for the trade!