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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Value Box - Target

Here are the cards I got from my Heritage Value Box at Target.  Let’s see if I did any better than the Walmart one I opened last week.

First the heritage hits.

<insert cricket chirping here>

Didn’t even get any inserts, some decent base cards.  And I did get an Adam Dunn so I got a White Sox card but that was it.

Here’s the Topps inserts I received.


ToppsTown – I got the Jason Heyward in my last value box, other than that one, no other duplicates between the 2 boxes.


Topps 60 and 60 years of Topps.  I like the Yastrzemski, he was always a favorite growing up.


I got the Jackie Robinson chrome in this box along with a couple of CMG reprints.  I didn’t get any of those in the first box.


And again, one diamond duos.


And of course, two Diamond Anniversary’s.  All the above cards are for trade as well as the base cards which should be listed on my Zistle account by the time this posts.  Next post will be the Diamond Giveaway cards and digs.

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