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Monday, July 18, 2011

Diamond Giveaway


Great box as far as the Diamond Giveaways goes.  I got the 2 that come with the box and then 3 in packs.

dq01   dq02

dq03   dq04


Willie McCovey 1970 was pretty sweet.  And the Koufax was my first diamond cut card.  I have already traded this on the site.  Diamond Cut for a White Sox Diamond Cut (Alexei Ramirez) and the McCovey for 15 cards that I’ve already turned into 6 or 7 more White Sox cards for my PC.  I realized the Koufax for Ramirez was probably a lopsided trade, but I won’t keep the Koufax and I will the Ramirez, so it was good enough in my book.




My 2nd one of this.  Traded it for the following ring.



My 2nd on of these, I traded it for the following ring.



So I’m up to 11 rings now, still a far cry from anything and I doubt I’ll buy enough to get me there.  So all of the rings are for trade if your going for the 60 and need one of these, offer the trade and let me know what your username on the topps site is and I’ll approve it.  I would rather the rings go to a fellow blogger than just anybody.

This was by far the best value box I have gotten but I have yet to have a jersey/auto card.  I’m really loving the Diamond Giveaway site, I’ve got 27 cards and I’ve already traded 16 of those for White Sox cards.  I think my next post I’ll feature what I’ve gotten and what I have left to trade.


  1. Do you need the Chris Sale diamond die cut? I'd be willing to virtually trade it for a die-cut that I'd be willing to have shipped.

  2. I do need it but the only 2 I have left are both Sox players. If I get one, I'll keep you in mind.

    I have a 1990 Ryne Sandberg all-star. Just throwing that out there. lol. It's about as fair as the 1986 Topps cards people keep offering me for my diamond cut Alexei Ramirez.