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Friday, July 15, 2011

Diamond Giveaway

This is what I got from the Topps site from my value box from Target.


I’ve already used the codes, but if you want one of the above cards, let me know.

toppsdg06   toppsdg07

toppsdg08   toppsdg09

1965 Fred Newman – 1959 Jim Owens – 1986 Rick Lysander – 1983 Steve Nicosia.

I know what your thinking, you only had 3 diamond giveaway cards, how’d you get 4?  Actually, most of you probably figured it out but humor me.  With one of the codes I won a bonus code and dig.

I like the vintage.  I’ll have to look and see what the checklist is for this site, are they all pretty much common cards.  That’s cool for the vintage ones but a 1986 Topps, really?  I haven’t played around on the site.  Maybe I’ll go do that when I’m done getting this post ready.

And the digs.





Nice haul, I think.  Like I said before, I wish these turned into cards you could actually have instead of virtual rings.  And also like I said, I’m going over to the site to figure out some more of this stuff just for reference.  I’ve gotten trade offers on the rings but if all they are all virtual rings, does it really matter which ones I have other than getting rid of duplicates?

*addition – I played around on the site and figured stuff out as well as the help of others.  If you need one of these rings, let me know, I’m not really going for anything, I doubt I’ll buy enough cards to get enough codes for rings so if you need any of these, let me know.  Although, can I offer a trade to a specific person or does it have to be a blanket trade and hope the person you want picks it first?  Guess I haven’t played around enough.  Anyways, let me know if you want a ring, I don’t care what you send me.


  1. That Jim Owens is nice. i've got a handful of cards I'd trade, sadly no whitesox other than an '89 I believe.

  2. I accepted your trade. Believe it or not, I needed that 1989 Topps and I'll use the other 2 cards to trade for more Sox. Thanks.

  3. No, thank you. I already traded one of the other cards for another White Sox card so technically, you've given me 2 more for my PC.