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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Diamond Giveaway

As I posted earlier, I bought a Topps Heritage value box at Walmart.  This is the continued post from that one.  I received the 2 Diamond Giveaways cards in those boxes.


I have used the codes on these 2 but if you want the cards, they are available.  And what did I get for those codes, let’s check it out.

toppsdg01   toppsdg02

A 1978 Topps Dave Chalk and a 1980 Topps Doug Flynn.  Don’t have either so I guess I can’t complain.  Not quite sure how the whole site works yet either.  I assume the diamond cut cards you can win just like you do these, put a code in and get it.  Would have rather had any White Sox but oh well.

Here are the 2 digs I got.



Didn’t realize they even had these kind of rings, but it’s pretty cool all the same.  The rings themselves don’t mean anything other than 2 collect for other prizes.  They should put these on a card as well so you can get them sent to you.  It would be a generic card but at least it’s something you can hold.

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  1. Decent pulls on those codes...my first 2 were an 87 Dave Smith and a 2001 Stan Javier. They do have a trading option on there which I love. You could look up your White Sox needs for each of those years and swing a deal for them. I do that with my rookie cup needs for each year.