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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ebay bucks and more

I received my ebay bucks at the beginning of July and I decided to head on over and spend my big money.  I picked up 4 cards for my PC.  3 White Sox cards and a Tom Seaver card.  Here they are.


As you can guess, I don’t purchase much on ebay by the 4 cards I purchased with all my earnings.  I was going to make this a contest and have you guess what I spent but you could have gone to ebay and checked the completed listings and figured it out.  So I guess I’ll just tell you.

$1.07/shipped.  It took me awhile to finish this as the Seaver, Thomas and Lemon/Lamp card took $1.06.  So it took me awhile to purchase something for a $.01.  That’s where the Fisk playing card came in.  I got it for $.01 shipped.  I haven’t had any problems with the “free shipping” PWE shipping yet.  Some protect it with a top loader, some don’t.  I figure for the price I’m paying, I’ll take the chance.  I’ve been bidding on anything vintage Sox that I don’t have up to $.50.  So I’ve been making big purchases to work up to my next periods ebay bucks purchase.  Not really, I get outbid quite a bit.

I’ve been scanning today, I have decided to scan all my PC cards and store them here on blogger.  Why not, it’s cheap and easy.  Just all the scanning sucks.  I figure I label each card then you have a way to search.  Maybe some of you do this already, but I thought it was pretty smart.  I’ve scanned the Sox cards that I have gotten in the last few weeks in trades and such, plus scans I found I still had on my computer, so there are already cards on the site.  THE SITE IS LIVE!!!!  Sounds more exciting that way.  I have a lot of cards to go through yet and it will be a constant work in progress I think.  But if you want to check it out, here’s the link - http://mysoxcards.blogspot.com/.  I’m certainly not expecting anyone to follow it or even check it out, but it’s there if you get bored.

Also I sent out some trade packages yesterday, or rather, my wife went to the post office for me and sent them.  So if your expecting a package from me, you should receive it probably on Monday.  And if your not expecting anything from me, you might get a package anyways.  I traded with my cousin and got a few cards for trade purposes.  So a couple of you will be surprised.  I sent out 5 packages, 3 of you are expecting them.  I was hoping to surprise the another person but I had to ask for her address because I apparently didn’t copy it down.


Also, a big shout out to AJ over at “The Lost Collector” who surprised me with this card for my PC.  It’s pretty sweet.  I hadn’t seen the green refractors yet, or at least live.  And to have it be a Konerko just makes it even better.  Thanks again AJ, much appreciated.

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