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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trade with Napkin Doon

Had a great trade with Nap over at “the Adventures of Napkin Doon”, If I remember, he contacted me about getting rid of some White Sox cards, I went through his PC list and gathered some cards to send and set them aside and forgot about them. Oops. I finally ran across them and got them sent out. Apparently Nap didn’t hold it against me because he sent some great cards. Here’s some of the loot.


Start with a couple of Colts cards. And a couple of previous Colts greats, Marvin Harrison and Edgerrin James. I don’t get too many of these in trades because most of the collector’s I trade with stick to baseball. So those are always a plus. Since I just start collecting again, my Colts and Wolverine sets are very lacking. Being as it’s baseball season, I tend to concentrate more on White Sox cards. These other 2 team collections should boost up some in the fall. But they are always appreciated when I get them in trades.


Love these cards. I remember watching all them at the U of M. Donovan Warren and Bennie Joppru are cool looking cards. And with the Mike Hart card, I have to figure out whether to put it with the Colts collection or Wolverines collection. Maybe I need to just get another one so I have one for each PC. That's what I do with Paul Konerko's. One for the Konerko PC, one for the White Sox PC. I’m a huge fan of the White Sox and Michigan and a big fan of the Colts. I don’t get too many Michigan cards because I only collect them in their Wolverines uniforms so they are a little harder to come by. So I definitely appreciated these.


Some highlights – I like the looks of the UDx set. Nap sent me 2 of those, the other will be a little further down this post. I remember the Metal Universe cards, they were so cool back in the day. There wasn’t any other cards like it back then. Always love the heritage because I love vintage, and what’s better than a vintage look with modern players. A couple of diamond kings and another Robin Ventura card. Not sure I’ve seen that set before, haven’t googled it to know exactly what it is but it says UD3 in the bottom right and PROmotion on the left. Like I said, I just haven’t taken the time to find it yet, but I will when I go to add it to my PC list.


And Nap definitely boosted the Frank Thomas portion of my White Sox PC. He contacted me before he sent them because he was afraid I didn’t really want them because I had posted earlier that I was a big fan of his but not so much anymore because of the way he was his last few years with the Sox and the way he left. But I do still like him, just not as much as I did so any Frank Thomas Sox cards are always welcome. About the only Sox player that I really hate to buy is Sammy Sosa but I think I have most of those already.


Nap also sent me these great Paul Konerko’s for my PC. I really like the top 3, mainly the backgrounds and of course, the die cut. Glad to see Paulie get to go to the all-star game, not because he’s a White Sox player but because he certainly deserves it this year.


And the big surprise was this graded 1955 card. This is my 1st graded card of my PC. I’m not really into the whole grading cards, I feel the main reason people grade a card is to get more money out of it. And since I’m not into the value of cards anymore, it’s not a big deal for me. But I do love looking at graded cards, it’s almost like a framed card.

Another great trade from a great trader. Be sure to check out his blog at “the Adventures of Napkin Doon”. Thanks again, Nap.

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