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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Box Break

Dave over at “Indians Baseball Cards” had another oddball box break.  I didn’t get in on any previous ones but I got on the last one.  These breaks are great for a couple of reasons, they are cheap, and for people like me who are just starting their collections, you get some great oddball cards to add.


1986 Fleer Stickers.  These are great, I got a few duplicates but not of the Tom Seaver, who I collect, so I could have put one with my team collection and one with my player collection.  Oh well, still nice to have, I just have to get another one.


An oversized 1985 Donruss Ron Kittle, don’t know if this was a box topper or not, doesn’t matter I guess.  A 1989 Bowman Ozzie Guillen.  And some 1985 Topps rubdowns (Tom Seaver, Harold Baines and Carlton Fisk)


And 4 Topps Fold Outs which are also oversized.  Greg Luzinski, Jerry Koosman, Jim Kern and Ron LaFlore.  All 4 of these have players on the back and I got dupes of all 4, so if your interested in the following, let me know.


Although technically, the Phil Niekro isn’t on the back of one of the Sox players.  It’s a whole different card that Dave threw in.  Who’s on the back of the Niekro you ask?


Are you still trying to figure out who was on the back of one of the Sox cards then?  Well, on the back of the Jerry Koosman was non other than


Tom Seaver himself.  So I get to add the Sox to the team collection and one to the player collection.

Definitely impressed with the Box break.  A bunch of Sox, none of which I had and 3 Tom Seaver’s.  All for $4.  Great box break Dave, thanks again.


Sorry about the lack of posts recently, it’s been 100 degrees here and I got a stupid cold that’s been kicking my ass.  Between the lack of sleep and the run down feeling, I haven’t done much online this week.  I think I’m getting on top of it with the help of antibiotics so hopefully I’ll be able to post a little more regularly.

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