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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Diamond Giveaway questions

I have some questions and the website sucks so I’m coming to you all.  I’m new to it, I know, I’m a little slow at getting on board.  But hey, at least I got here.

Anyways, my questions are.

1.  Do the rings amount to anything, other than collect so many for a prize?  So basically,  there is no point in trading unless I’m getting rid of a duplicate.

2.  I remember someone saying some are harder than others to get, where do I find the odds on picking them up?

I have a trade offer for my NY Giants ring for a White Sox one, I would like to have the White Sox ring but does it really matter.  I get nothing physical for it, right?

Thanks for any help.


  1. The rings are needed to get the diamond ring. If you have all 60 digital rings you get the physical one. I usually trade my ring doubles so i can continue to get the prizes. Ring wise the only ones I know that are rare is the Mantle ring which is limited to 60 and the Ruth (i'm not sure how many there are). Hopefully that helps!

  2. As Wolverine said, and to follow up, every ring is meaningless as long as it's different from the others you have, to get the number of unique rings to earn a prize. That is, except the Mantle - there are only 60 of those, and you may or may not have one on your board. If you don't dig for it, you can forget about trading for it. The Ruth ring isn't limited, AFAIK, just the Mantle. You won't get anything special for having the White Sox ring vs. a Williams ring vs. the NY Giants.

  3. That's about what I figured. I won't come close to any prizes as I haven't bought many packs lately. Thanks guys.