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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another value box-Walmart

I was picking up some packs for a 4 year old family member and they actually had a value box at Walmart.  The last one I purchased was at a different Walmart.  The one next to me has never had any.  So I picked it up as well.  Here’s the goods.


Lots more of ToppsTown.


My 1st Topps gold in 3 value boxes. 60 years of Topps. My 2nd card of the Maris (would be more trade-able if it was a Yankee card) and the Jim Palmer is my 1st of the original backs.


2 Topps 60 and a White Sox Diamond Duos.  I already have it, but it was nice to actually get a Sox card.


The Mantle Chrome.


And lots of Sparkly.


And of course, the Heritage.  This is the most I’ve gotten out of any of the 2 packs of Heritage from all 3 Value Boxes.  Most of the cards above are for trade.  The Phillies and Yankees cards will be pulled aside for some trades that I plan on getting sent out later this week.  Next post will be the Topps site pulls and digs.

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  1. I'd like to lay claim to the Nady Heritage Chrome, and the two diamond parallels, if they are available. Please email me at jcm731 at gmail dot com so we can work out a trade.