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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

All-Stars and Chromes

I figured I'd better put out another post since 4 out of the next 7 days will be birthday posts. The wife is decorating for Christmas and I'm doing what I can not to so I need to look busy.

Today's post is only a few cards and they all came from Sluggo but at 3 different times.

I got this one at the beginning of October in some cards that Sluggo got in a collection.

Sluggo was going through some stuff he still had packed and it had larger cards in it so he gave this to me along with some other Sox jumbo cards but I actually had those.

I saw this at the Fort Wayne card show and I picked it up for a buck. I used Sluggo's money though so it came out of my payment for doing shows. It's a retrofractor which I assume is just a fancy name for the refractor's back in 2001.

These 3 cards give me 707 cards of Barry. As high of a number as that is, I'm still in a tie for 16th place on TCDB. I knew Chris at Nachos Grande and Dennis at Too Many Verlanders would be above me, I didn't expect 14 other to be as well. Apparently he's a popular collection.

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