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Friday, November 11, 2022

Kid Mag

Heading to Fort Wayne tomorrow for another card show. Michigan plays at 3:30 so I probably won't make it home on time to watch it but that's what the DVR is for. I'm currently waiting on the basketball game to start. I like that basketball has started, more sports to watch. I love football but I hate that they only play once a week. I understand it, just don't like it.

Today's post has nothing to do with the above, but I loved picking it up for a buck. I was at the LCS and he had some plastic tubs with various things in it. On the top was the following and I had to grab it.

It was a bonus that the cover was a PC of mine. I loved these in elementary school. I used to check them out all the time from the library and would read them cover to cover. If I was rich, I would collect them all, that's how much I loved them growing up. He gave it to me for a buck, more or less a throw in with all the cards Sluggo was buying.


  1. I enjoyed reading Baseball Digest as a kid too. Recently picked up a lot of magazines on eBay that included a six or seven issues from the 80's and 90's. Been slowly reading through them and have found some interesting articles and tidbits that have been buried for decades.

  2. I never read this magazine, but probably would buy some if I ever found them cheap.


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