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Friday, November 4, 2022

Free Cards, Card Shows and a Fave Lefty

I made it to make another post. We only worked 8 hours today so I got off early and got stuff done and still have a couple of hours before I crash so like I said, you get a post. I've been so busy, that I got some Sportlots money from Jon at A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts and I haven't even taken the time to spend it. Congrats again on the 7 years.

Tomorrow we are setting up at the Shipshewana show for the 1st time. There are over 180 tables and it is nonstop busy. We've been on a waiting list for awhile but we have a couple of dealers that buy from us a lot and they put the word in to the guy that runs it that we need to get in. They told him we had a mix of high end and low end with good prices and we will work to make a sale happen. It worked. We are in. It's only a one time deal as we are taking a regular dealers spot because he couldn't make it but we are hoping to make an impression so we can get a spot in every show. So much for sleeping in tomorrow but you all know what it's like, cards are our happy place.

Today's post is one of my favorite Sox pitchers. Definitely my favorite lefty. I guess I would consider him my favorite Sox pitcher because I don't really consider Seaver a "Sox" pitcher because I actually liked him before he came to the Sox. 

Today's player didn't have great stuff but he was smart and knew how to pitch.

All of these are from Sportlots. These 10 give me 381 cards of Buehrle. Nothing too flashy up there but I do like the Studio with the Flag in the background as well as the look of that last insert. I like the fire background but I think the M logo is kind of cheesy.

I'm closing in on 400 cards of Mark and I'm 2nd on TCDB but I'm over 1000 cards behind the 1st place. That dude has a ton of Burhle's.

Another reason I like Buehrle was the new rules starting next year wouldn't have bothered him as he catches it, gets a sign and throws it. His games were usually around 2 hours.

Anyways, here's hoping tomorrow is a good day and I might catch up on some sleep on Sunday. Maybe you'll even get a post or 2.


  1. If there's that much of a waiting list, the promoter(s) should start thinking about moving to a larger venue. Sounds like they're leaving money on the table.

    1. There is an upstairs that he's talked about opening up but he doesn't want to get so big that it just becomes a mess. I get it because anyone who gets put upstairs probably won't get as much traffic and they will probably complain. Then you're just dealing with unhappy dealers.


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