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Thursday, March 8, 2012

1973 Topps–Strickland, Champion, Torrez, Rader

I’m collecting the 1973 set, slowly but surely. This post is the latest in my quest for the completion.


  • Card Facts – Jim Strickland – Minnesota Twins – Card #122
  • Purchase Price – $.11 (Ebay lot 40/$4.25)


  • Card Facts – Billy Champion – Milwaukee Brewers – Card #74
  • Purchase Price – free (Trade with “Crinkly Wrappers”)

Wow, talk about a horrible airbrush job.  How does that even pass quality control.


  • Card Facts – Mike Torrez – Montreal Expos – Card #77
  • Purchase Price – free (Trade with “Crinkly Wrappers”)

The lack of color in the background of most of these shots just reminds me of childhood photos.


  • Card Facts – Doug Rader – Houston Astros – Card #76
  • Purchase Price – free (Trade with “Crinkly Wrappers”)

  • Cards posted in this set – 61
  • Total price paid – $7.09
  • Average price per card – $0.12
  • Cards left to post – 623 (including NNO Checklists)
  • Percentage posted – 61/684 (9% posted)
  • Percentage completed – 106/684 (15% completed)

I’m seeing this set being a long term goal, unlike the 1981 Topps which I seem to be breezing through.  That’s ok though.  Ted was a huge help with what I do have, otherwise, I’d probably be done posting 1973 cards till I bought more.  I have a bunch of bids on some lots ending later in this week.  The bids aren’t very high but hopefully I’ll win at least a few.

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