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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Player Collection Spotlight–Tom Seaver

In this series, I randomly select a card from my player collections and show it off here. Being that it’s random, it could be a base, insert, parallel, auto, relic or any other kind of card I have. It could be from Paul Konerko, Tom Seaver, Billy Williams, Dave Dravecky and even Mike Hart or Peyton Manning. I will put a mark next to it on my PC list so it doesn’t get repeated.


1983 Topps Traded – Tom Seaver


  1. OH COME ON! Can we get a Seaver in Red? geezle Pete

    1. I remember him more from his Reds days too, but it's the random generator that's keeping you from seeing those, not me. Sorry.

    2. Your randomization system if flawed I say!FLAWED!