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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Peyton Manning

Well, rumor has it that tomorrow the Colts are announcing that they are parting ways with Peyton Manning.  I guess we will find out who are Colts fans and who are Manning fans.  I am both, and I will probably root for Peyton wherever he ends up.  Probably Miami since that is where all my favorite team’s players seem to be running for.  But I am, and will remain, a Colts fan.  I’m not overly huge on the NFL like I am MLB or NCAA so it won’t hurt too much if we suck again.  The nice thing is there is only 1 game a week to watch.  That’s how I survived last season.  It sucks more when the White Sox suck because I try to watch as many games as I can and as we all know, there are a lot more games to be disappointed when watching MLB.

fuckyeahwhitesox:<br /><br />siphotos:<br /><br />White Sox shortstop Luis Aparicio slides into third base during a spring training photo shoot. This picture appeared on the cover of the April 30, 1962 issue of Sports Illustrated. (Mark Kauffman/SI)<br />SI VAULT: A group of colorful baseballers are keeping traditions alive (4.30.62)<br /><br />Not too much longer until baseball!<br />

I got all my Sox cards reorganized on Sunday, I spent about 10 hours finishing them up.  I think my wife thinks I’m nuts spending all that time playing with baseball cards but that’s ok, she’s stuck with me now.  I got my Luis Aparicio cards set aside and as soon as I get them logged into my player collection pages and have lists, then I can get them put away as well.

Roberto Clemente

I bought my son a 2012 Topps rack pack or hanger or whatever they are called for my son.  He opened them and started putting them in teams, then got his other cards and put them in with their teams.  My wife says he’s doing it because I bought them and doesn’t care what they are.   But I don’t care, I had fun.  I had him reading off the team names hoping he’ll pick them up.  Maybe he’ll even watch some games with me this year.  Yeah, I doubt that will happen.  But I can dream.  It would be nice if he would get as excited as I was when he pulled the Mickey Mantle or Bob Gibson inserts.  I still get excited about pulling Hall of Famers so I guess I can’t complain that they are all over the new sets.

seagreene12:<br /><br />Happy White Sox spring training day!! I’m the happiest guy ever today!<br />

Spring training is under way.  Now to get to some of the televised games so I can at least watch some baseball.  Right now I’d settle for being able to follow them on a stat tracker or my phone or something.  All I get right now is a few tweets here and there.

Hey, batter batter by mollyali on Flickr.

Since this is (was) an all word post.  I went over to My Sports Obsession Tumblr  and grabbed some pictures I’ve posted there and stuck them in here.  Just to show what you’ve been missing.  OK, it’s a shameless plug.  But I did need some pics to liven up the post so there you go.  At least the pics match something in the following paragraph.  Well, except for the Michigan baseball, although, it’s above the paragraph about my Tumblr, so technically, I could have posted anything from over there and it fits.


  1. I am not feeling the Morel vibe. Mushrooms? Awesome! White Sox 3B? No way.

    Thanks for the Clemente gif. I stared at it for about 2 minutes.

    It is time to put some things on the board, yes?

    1. I like Morel, but I'm not sold on him. But they tend to talk about their prospects and they turn out to be big busts. Jerry Owens anybody?

      I like the classic photos, being a gif just made it even better.

      And it's definitely time TO PUT IT ON THE BOOOOAAARRRD, YES!