This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Catching up is so hard to do

I’m slowly trying to get caught up on reading everybody’s blogs again.  The section I’m in at work doesn’t allow me much time to read and my foreman’s been a dick about me reading on the line anyways so once again, I’m behind.  I haven’t really had as much time to sit on the laptop at home lately, Boy and Girls scouts seem to save up all their activities for March and April.  I see I missed some contests again, damn it.  That’s the real reason I need to stay current.

I’ve got some cheap Ebay pickups stuff to scan, hopefully today and I would like to get my team want lists finished sometime this weekend.  Plus I always have more 1981 and 1973 posts to get ready.  And I still have a few of my random PC cards already finished to throw up on here.  I also received a trade package in the mail on Thursday that I need to scan.  While I love receiving packages of Sox cards, it’s such a task to get them all organized and put away.  I’m not as creative as all of you so I will be posting the trade package in a new way, maybe the Ebay pickup as well.  Of course, now that I’ve got a new system to post trade packages, I won’t be trading as much.  I haven’t bought any packs of cards yet this year for myself.  I’ve received a few packs as a gift and bought my son a few packs so my lack of trading from here on out isn’t because I hate trading, because I love trading.  It’s more because I just don’t have the cards to reciprocate the packages you guys send me.  What few cards I do have, I list on Ebay just to get rid of and whatever I make off of those, I turn around and buy cards for myself.  I’m not selling anything high dollar, and I only list 50 cards a month because every seller now gets 50 free listings a month.  I think out of the 50 cards I listed last month, I ended up with just under $5 if that tells you anything.  I mainly listed vintage at $.79 starting bid with free shipping.  They were all common vintage so I wasn’t expecting much to begin with.  Most of the cards I have to list aren’t anything I could probably sell charging $2 to ship because they aren’t that good.  But it’s something and it’s less money out of my pocket that I get to spend on cards I do want.

When I said I wasn’t as creative as a lot of you, what I meant was my posting tend to basically be what I have gotten for my PC’s.  You all have great subjects and post about a lot of different things about cards, that’s why I read so many of your blogs.  I tend to just stick with PC stuff because that’s all I know or have to talk about.  I throw out a little bit about my sports teams on occasion   Which is why I’m amazed I have any readers at all, but I still get comments here and there which I love to receive.  So for those of you who do still read along, many thanks for following and sharing in my passion.


  1. I think the fact that you write about what you know, feel, and think about makes your blog more appealing that others. I tend to only read blogs that mimic two guys BSing about baseball...Hey bob, did you see Joey at bat yesterday?"..."yup sure did Ralph" ....keep it real

  2. I am the same way. I don't know where I'm heading on my blog so I'll just post what I have and know about.
    I think a lot of bloggers focus on their PC's because that's what they have and I for one check them all out because everyday I see so many new cards, and old, that I have never seen before. I have actually forgot about my blog for a day or two at a time because I'm reading a lot of great posts out there.

  3. While I do watch my stats, I don't follow them religiously so I don't really worry about how many people are reading. If I worried about that, then I'd worry more about the content of my blog and would try to be creative. Which would probably chase away the few readers I have. lol

    Or in short, I'll stick with what I'm doing.

  4. Just keep doing what you're doing. We'll keep reading!

  5. As some wise blogger once said, a lot of this is like an electronic version of kids sitting on a bed with their box of cards showing off their favorites to each other. And that's OK.

  6. PATP - Thanks

    Hackenbush - Never thought of it that way. I like that.