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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Box Break from Kyle

Kyle over at “JABO’s” held a box break.  My main reason for joining was for the 2012 Heritage, but I didn’t have much of the other boxes he was breaking either which made it even better.  First, I’ll show off the few extra cards Kyle was nice enough to throw in.


This is my 3rd die cut from the Upper Deck X, when I pulled it out I thought it was a dupe, but I didn’t have the Dye one.  I knew I didn’t have the Shoe Box Collection because I have never seen or heard of that set.  So it was really cool that Kyle threw in the next one.


A Little Luis for the Aparicio collection.  I love vintage and vintage reprints so I love this card.

But you’re here for the box break so I’ll get to those.  First up, the 2007 Upper Deck SP.


Thome and Konerko.  I already had the Konerko in the player collection so this one goes into the White Sox Collection.

Next up, the 2004 Fleer Platinum.


Didn’t get too much out that box, just these 3 and lots of dupes.  I think I got 3 Crede’s and a second Loaiza.


Next up, 2011 Bowman Platinum.  I got these 4, Beckham and Sale base, Beckham red and Morel green.  I like this set, maybe just because it’s shiny.  I like the parallels too, except for the fact that I have more to collect.  I also got an Adam Dunn base but I already had one of those.

And the main reason I got in the break, 2012 Heritage.


I love these cards.  Obviously because they look vintage.  But I like the card stock it’s on.  A little thicker than usual.  I also like the team cards.  I didn’t get any inserts but then again, I don’t know if the Sox even have any.  I know there is a Luis Aparicio Then and Now that I need for the player collection but he’s with the Orioles on it.

Last but not least, one for the player collection.


Thanks Kyle, love your breaks.  Be sure to check his blog out.  He’s constantly doing breaks and drafts and all kinds of goodness.  “Juuust a Bit Outside

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  1. psst... just opened up the sign-ups for break #7.