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Friday, March 2, 2012

1973 Topps–Fosse, rookie catchers, Alomar, Harmon

I’m collecting the 1973 set, slowly but surely. This post is the latest in my quest for the completion.


  • Card Facts – Ray Fosse – Cleveland Indians – Card #226
  • Purchase Price – free (Trade with “Royals and Randoms”)

Not a big fan of these Cleveland hats.  I always confuse the C with the Cubs logo.


  • Card Facts – Sergio Robles, George Pena, Rick Stelmaszek – Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians, Texas Rangers – Card #601
  • Purchase Price – free (Trade with “Royals and Randoms”)

An elusive high number, big props to Josh for sending this one.


  • Card Facts – Sandy Alomar – California Angels – Card #123
  • Purchase Price – $.11 (Ebay lot 40/$4.25)

Of the famous Alomar family, father of Sandy jr and Roberto, MLB players in the 90’s and 00’s.  Sandy jr played for the White Sox for a few years.


  • Card Facts – Terry Harmon – Philadelphia Phillies – Card #166
  • Purchase Price – $.11 (Ebay lot 40/$4.25)


  • Cards posted in this set – 57
  • Total price paid – $6.98
  • Average price per card – $0.12
  • Cards left to post – 627 (including NNO Checklists)
  • Percentage posted – 57/684 (8% posted)
  • Percentage completed – 106/684 (15% completed)

I got the new cards added into the set completion.  It bumped the % completed up by 1.  They were all from an Ebay lot I picked up pretty cheap.


  1. Glad they found a good home, Jeff! I didn't even notice that one was a high #.

    These all came from what I consider to be my greatest find ever...a 3200-count box of 1970-1984 cards from a garage sale for 15 bucks (cheaper than a blaster!). :-) This box was NOT picked through at all...it had lots of stars/HOFers, rookies (like Eckersley and Mattingly), and commons all together. Now that I've pulled out the Royals, my task now is to find good homes for the rest of the cards, and helping set-collectors is a great way to do that.

    1. That does sound like a great find. I would love to just sit and go through them. I used to ask the card shop I used to go to when I was a teenager if I could just sit and help sort through them. They never took me up on the offer, they probably thought I was asking for a job, but I truly would have sat there for hours and sorted just to see all the cards.