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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Hit King with a Perfect Game

TheHitKing” from “Spoke Bait and the Game” had posted a comment on one of my Cheap Ebay Pick-ups page where I had stated how much my max bids are and said he had just listed a card I might want and set a price if I wanted it.  I jumped on it, here it is.


I couldn’t pass that up at that price. Mark Buehrle relic, Allen & Ginter.  I never find his relics for that price on Ebay.  And being the great guy he is, he also through some extra Sox for me.


All these are new to the Sox collection.  I thought I had the Buehrle Heritage but apparently not.  A lot of people are down on Dunn, I look at it as a horrible year, and I think he’ll bounce back.  He’s already looking better in spring training.  So I liked getting the 3 Dunn cards.  And you can never go wrong with one the “Good Guys” in baseball, Jim Thome.

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  1. cant go wrong with thome, unless of course you get him on your team for the year he decides to stink (see also andruw jones and the crime dog)