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Monday, March 5, 2012

Trade with the Sandlot

Joe of “the Sandlot” fame contacted me about a trade.  He had some Sox cards to get rid of and wanted to know if I had anything to trade.  After about a month or so, I finally collected enough cards to send to him.  Here’s the highlights of what he sent me in our first trade.


I have some of the Topps Unique cards, but I had never seen the red ones.  Are these a parallel from Target?  I liked the photo of the Morel the first time I saw it, now I have 3 different ones with this Walmart parallel.  And you can’t go wrong with a 75’ mini from Lineage.  I only have a few of these, definitely need to get more.  Metal Universe of our new head coach, a Joe Crede rookie and a numbered Buehrle.  Joe knows how to do a trade right.


I don’t think I’ve see these Topps Gallery cards and I really like them.  I’m familiar with the Gallery brand, just hadn’t seen this set before.  I like these about as much as I do the Upper Deck Masterpieces.


A couple of refractor’s


A few vintage, including a ‘71.


Even a full team set.  Well it was, I didn’t have the Konerko so now I’m short that card for this set.  Joe is an awesome trader.  He sent a lot of different things.  But wait, there’s more.


All of these cards go to my Paul Konerko collection   I thought I had the Unique but apparently not.


And finally, Joe even sent these beauties.  Brandon McCarthy was supposed to be the next big thing and I was upset when they traded him but apparently KW knew what he was doing because Brandon hasn’t been the same since, lots of injuries hasn’t helped.  And you can never go wrong with a Frank Thomas relic.

Thanks Joe, amazing trade.  Check out “the Sandlot” and make a swap with the man, he knows what he’s doing.


  1. I dunno, man, McCarthy's looking like he might be the "next big thing" again--ESPN the Mag did a nice cover story about him being one of the first players to buy into Sabermetrics to improve his performance. He may be toiling in obscurity with Oakland, but he already obviously has the talent, so maybe this'll be the year he puts it all together!

    1. I always liked the kid, so I hope he does well. Except when he pitches against the Sox that is. I also hope he throws perfect games against the Tigers. Somebody's got to beat them to give us a chance.

    2. You guys have a lot of rebuilding to do, but you took the important first step of getting rid of the clown in the dugout. I also don't think Adam Dunn is nearly as bad of an AL hitter as he was last year. That said, stop wasting good money on DHs like him and obviously bad contracts like Alex Rios. Oh yeah, and stop dumping all your UM alumni!

    3. I agree. It was time for Ozzie to go and I was never down on Dunn. I know how good he can be and is just chalking up last year to a horrible year, it happens. It just better not happen again. I don't know what the deal is with Rios, it almost seems like he doesn't care. Not a big fan of his.

      As far as the UM alumni, they went to Michigan, so apparently they have the intelligence to use the White Sox to get to the majors, establish themselves, then get the hell out. lol