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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cheap Ebay pick-ups

I’ve decided since I don’t have much to post with my lack of buying packs anymore, that I would list my Ebay pick-ups in separate posts.  To stretch them out and get some more posts for the blog.  I’ve picked up quite a few cheap cards in the last couple of weeks so I should have plenty of posts for awhile.


  • Ken Boyer – 1968 Topps ($.51/shipped)

I really didn’t think I’d win this.  I only put a bid of $.01 with the seller charging $.50 shipping.  I wasn’t too shocked to be winning it on the last day, but was definitely shocked when I got the alert on my phone that I had won.  I figured with $.01 bid, I’d lose it to the next bid of $.06.  That’s the way my luck is. 

One thing I’ve had to get used to when it came to bidding cheaply on Ebay was losing by just a little bit.  I place my maximum bids then I don’t follow them at all.  I usually don’t know I’m even winning something until I get the alert on my phone.  Then I don’t go looking for cards I lost, because I don’t want to know if I lost it by the next bid.  This has worked well for me and I haven’t gotten into any bidding wars, which is the biggest mistake you can make when bidding on Ebay.


  1. I agree, bid what you think its worth to you, and forget about it. I've turned off the "You've Been Outbid" emails from eBay for this very reason. Once someone else is willing to go 50 cents higher, it's too easy to convince myself to go another 50 cents higher and let it get out of hand from there.

    Also, nice Boyer. As a Cardinal fan, I wish I had seen it listed.

    1. Been there, done that. I used to get into some bidding wars, then I'd get the card and be disappointed that I paid as much as I did. It kind of took me away from Ebay for awhile, it got addictive.

  2. i've learned from you, brother, how to play in the "whirlpool" and score cheap(sorry for anybody not hip enough to know the latest collecting lingo).


    i've made a few cheapo buys myself with the same tactic. just bid n walk away. same as you, every now and then i win on that low bit bid. it's almost like i pulled a fast one.

    1. I love getting that notice on my phone that I won something because I know it was cheap. The bid and walk away has worked well for me lately.

  3. Replies
    1. Never heard of it, but I checked it out. I don't like snipers so I refuse to snipe. I put my max bid in so regardless if they snipe or not, I'm only paying what I want to pay. I've learned just not to look when I do lose something. I don't want to know if I lost by 1 bid higher. Keeps me content.