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Monday, March 19, 2012

Trade with Dennis, part 4.

Previously:  part 1, part 2, part 3

And my final post of the big package from Dennis, is the cards for my player collections.  You saw the Mike Hart’s in part 3 over at “TMM”, here’s the rest of them.


Billy Williams including a 1975 mini.  All 4 are new to my PC of him.


3 more Tom Seaver’s for my collection.  I thought I had the ‘84 Topps leaders, but I have the career strikeout leaders with Seaver on it.  I like the photo on the Stadium Club.  Staring down the batter (probably waiting for a sign, but that sounds better.)


More Peyton Mannings, yes, I’m still collecting him even though he is no longer a Colt.  Just wait, he’ll resign with the Colts.  (I can dream can’t I.)  I collect Manning but he’s not a huge focus, but if you want to send some just to get rid of, for free of course, I don’t have much left for trade, feel free.


2 more Konerko’s.  I like both of these.  Nice additions to the PC.


And you though I was done with relics.  Here’s a relic addition to the Konerko collection.  Numbered to /250.


2 additions to the newly started Luis Aparicio collection.  I’m new to these Donruss Originals, but I’m liking them.  I just got a bunch of Buehrle’s in that set in a previous trade.


My first relic of Aparicio, even though, technically it’s not.  But it is of the old Cominsky Park stadium seat.  Great action photo.

So that completes my 4 part trade posts from Dennis.  He told me I would freak, he wasn’t kidding.  Thanks, bro!  Huge boost to all my collections.  You are a God among Cardboard Gods.


  1. At least Peyton stayed with a member of the equine family.

    I have become a big fan of the 2000 Fleer Tradition set. It reminds me of 1954 Topps.

  2. Yeah, getting that '75 Williams got me flipping through my random HOFer stuff for a couple of your other favorites, which worked out nicely. unclemoe might be jealous of the Little Luis, too.