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Monday, March 25, 2013

2013 Topps Heritage White Sox

As per my new way of getting the latest cards, I purchased my 2013 Topps Heritage team set from Brent of “BrentAndBeccaEbay fame.


I do like these because, well you know, they look like vintage.


On top of this team set, it included the SP which I believe was Adam Dunn and Brent even threw in an extra Paul Konerko for the Paul Konerko Collection.

I’m finding this way to get my latest cards to be the cheapest route.  And Brent has been awesome with staying in contact with me about getting extra Konerko’s or inserts.  He was going to give me the Adam Dunn insert card as well but he didn’t end up with any extra, he was actually short on completing all his sets but that’s cool.  He has gone above and beyond as it is.

I was looking at purchasing the Gypsy Queen set from him but I haven’t come across the checklist to browse yet.


  1. Floyd gets my vote for best looking card of the lot. Liriano wins the smallest beard award, while Thornton looks the most like a hobo who they plucked off the street and put into a Sox uniform.

    1. Ha! I hadn't noticed the Thornton card, that's funny.

  2. I like the Ventura best. Hadn't seen that one yet.