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Friday, March 8, 2013

Vacation Pick-Ups #8–1970’s

Unlike most of the 1980’s pick-ups, most of these were bought specifically for the Vintage collection.  Mainly because they were in $.20 binders.  I pretty much grabbed all vintage in those binders but oddly enough, they were mostly better cards and players.


Do you see those awesome 1978 cards?  All of those for $1.  Look at the names, Jim Palmer, Gary Carter, Steve Carlton, Willie McCovey and Andre Dawson.  I don’t think I could have passed these up at $.20 even if I didn’t have the vintage collection to put them in.  These 5 1978 Topps put me at 45 cards for the set.


A leaders card, but it has Reggie Jackson on it.  This card puts my 1976 Topps set at 127 cards.


Obviously, the first 2 were picked up for the White Sox collection but I already had them.  The Los Angeles Dodgers rookies card on the other hand was picked up for the 1972 set.  It’s a Charlie Hough rookie, at least according to the card.  I don’t know if he was featured in the 1971 set or not.


These were also picked up for other collections but I already had them.  The Pat Kelly I had actually grabbed 2 of them when I bought it, on accident, but it works for me.

Next up, yes, I even got some 1960’s for the vintage collection.

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