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Monday, March 4, 2013

Vacation Pick-Ups #4–1963-1960

That’s right, we aren’t done with the vintage yet.  This is where I really got excited, between this post and the next post.  I don’t usually get a chance to pick up this many vintage cards for my team sets.


These were the first 2 1963 Topps added to the White Sox team sets so I was definitely pumped to get them.


3 1962’s including another All-Star Rookie.  Everybody loves the wood set don’t they.  These 3 doubled how many I had from that year.


Another set that today’s addition more than doubled what I had for that year.  !961 Topps Ted Kluszewski and a team card, oh yeah!


6 1960’s added to another set which I’ve had a bunch of.  Although technically the World Series card isn’t part of the Sox team set but it’s got 3 White Sox players, I couldn’t resist.  Plus look at the other names here.  Another Ted Kluszewski, an Early Wynn and a Nellie Fox.  Some great additions to this set.  This gives me 27 cards for the team set, yet I still need 15 more so don’t get too excited.

Stay tuned for the 1950’s tomorrow.

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