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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vacation Pick-Ups #2–1970’s

I promised you some vintage today so we’ll pump out this post sponsored by the 1970’s.


I found one card from the 1977 set that I needed.  I believe this was one of the $.20 cards.


I already completed my 1975 Topps set but since this isn’t technically part of the team set, I didn’t have it yet.  Dick Allen is cool enough, but it has Johnny Bench too.  Makes that card that much sweeter.


2 of 3 of these 1972’s will go towards the team set.  But again, another White Sox card with Norm Cash and Reggie Jackson on it.  Not to mention the White Sox player is Bill Melton, whom I’ve considered starting a player collection of just because I like him on the pre and post game shows before and after the Chicago White Sox games.


5 more 1971 cards for the team set.  Including a Wilbur Wood and the team card.  That brings that team set down to needing 11 cards which isn’t a lot when it comes to the team sets in the 1970’s.  Except almost half of those are short prints, yikes.


I even picked up one 1970 card which seem to be somewhat hard for me to come by.  I just don’t run into that many of them.

Tomorrow, we’ll start with the 1960’s, only I have to divide it up into 2 posts because I have that many of them.  And yes, I’ll have a post for the 1950’s too.  Stay Tuned.

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  1. Feelin your pain on the 71 short prints. I'm down to six for the Padres team set, but four are SPs. I have Melton and Wood cards from the 69 set if you'd be interested in a trade. Lemme know.