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Sunday, March 24, 2013

PWE love from 2 by 3 Heroes

As have a lot of you, I got a couple of PWE’s from Jeff over at “2 by 3 Heroes”.  He’s been sending me a bunch of them lately and they’ve been full of White Sox cards for my collections.


We’ll start off with this 1985 Topps to add to that team set.


A bunch of 1990’s cards.  I really like the original finest cards, not that I don’t like the newer ones either but they were pretty bad ass back in the day.


He even sent this awesome UD X Die Cut of Paul Konerko.  I already had it in my Paul Konerko Collection so this one goes to the White Sox Collection.


He also sent me these awesome 2013’s for the White Sox collection.  I’ve been picking up the 2013 parallel’s on COMC but haven’t shipped them yet so these are the first in my hands.  The bottom 2 Konerko’s replace the ones that I took out of my team set that I bought so the base card on the right completes the team set.


He even sent me this Walmart parallel to go to the Paul Konerko collection.  Which is really starting to get up there in numbers, maybe I should do a post on updating my player collections.

Thanks Jeff, be sure to go to “2 by 3 Heroes” and let him know who you are and what you collect and you may get you some surprise PWE’s in your mailbox soon.

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