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Saturday, March 23, 2013

My inheritance

I’ve been busy on my other blog gearing up for the A to Z Challenge as well as entering the latest Dude Write contest and have neglected this blog.  Sorry about that, I do have a few things to post.  I went to my mom’s a couple of weeks ago to replace some pages that my stepfather had his cards in.  We broke out his cards a couple of months ago to look something up (I don’t remember what now) and noticed that about half his pages were the old pages and were all stuck together.  He found the cards when they moved into his house 10 years or so ago and he had them in a box.  At the time, I told him he should put them in pages and he did.  Since Cheri and I were over there replacing his old pages, I thought I’d snap a few pics of some cards that will hopefully be in my collection soon.

These are cards he purchased when he was a kid and collected.  He doesn’t have a lot per say, but he has a pretty big album of baseball and a smaller album of football.  Since I only really care about the baseball, that’s what the pictures are for.

They are in team order so that’s how I will display them here.  They would be a big boost to my vintage collection.


A couple of 1971 Topps Reggie Jackson’s.


I don’t think I have any vintage Hank Aaron cards, definitely no base cards so this 1973 Topps would fit in nicely in that set.


I was always a big fan of lefty Steve Carlton.  I like these 1971 Topps of him.


A 1972 Topps Bob Gibson.  He didn’t have a lot of 1972 Topps but he had some.


A photographed the whole page so you could see the 3 Ron Santo’s and the 2 Fergie Jenkins.  I really want his 1973 Topps cards to boost my set.


2 more 1973 Topps of Roberto Clemente.  I just realized I jumped from the Chicago Cubs to the Pittsburgh Pirates, must not have had much between the teams.


A 1971 Topps Johnny Bench, very nice.  Speaking of the Cincinnati Reds,


How about a 1973 Topps Pete Rose?  Definitely want these cards for my collections.


I actually already have the Luis Aparicio for his player collection but I’m not sure if I’ve filled it for the 1973 Topps set.  Really love the Carlton Fisk and Carl Yastrzemski.  Both players I followed later in their careers when I was old enough to follow baseball.

randall11     randall12

A couple of 1971 Topps and a 1973 Topps of Thurman Munson.  Yeah, he’s a New York Yankees but not everyone can be perfect.

But judging by the few cards I’ve shown you, you can see why I’m glad I’m on his good side.  He says they’ll be mine when he’s gone and while I can’t wait to have them, I don’t have a problem being patient either.


  1. He should adopt me for the dupes.

    1. You know you'll get some in trades.

  2. Most of those 71s are really sharp. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Most of the cards were in great condition which is amazing considering he bought them out of packs when he was a kid.

  3. He/You sure have a nice collection... damn, I wish I had relatives who collected cards in the 70's.

    1. My dad collected, but he has the typical story. His mom threw them out.