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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vacation Pick-Ups #7–1980’s

Now we’ll start with the Vintage collection pick-ups.  A lot of these are cards I grabbed for my other collections and I already had them so they made it to the Vintage collection.


The Carlton Fisk was picked up for the White Sox collection and obviously, the Tom Seaver was supposed to go to the Tom Seaver collection.  It was my 24th 1985 Topps and my 10th 1983 Topps.


Here we have Tom Seaver and Carlton Fisk again.  But they go to the 1982 Topps set.  They give me 20 cards for that set.


Also got a 1980 Topps and 1979 Topps card.  I paid $.20/each for both of these.  A Rod Carew for $.20, I wasn’t going to turn that down.  Even though it’s a record holder card, it still has George Sisler and Ty Cobb on it, not going to turn that one down either.  The 1980 card gave me 15 cards in that Topps set.  And the leaders card is the 18th of the 1979 set.

*note – I don’t know why I scanned these 2 cards together.  I think I completely spaced it out when I scanned these.

Next up, 1970’s for the vintage collection.

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