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Monday, October 21, 2019

3 Card Monday

A 3 envelope Monday, nice way to start the week. Except that I don't have much else left to be sent to me. Cards have slowed down, or at least the cards I've won has slowed down.

Another day, another Ripken. I have, by far, picked up more Ripken's this year then any other player collection. This is my 31st this year, the next player is Tom Seaver with 15. That explains why Ripken is my highest player collection at 462 cards. I picked this one up for $.54/shipped.

I always like these Studio cards, the background is pretty awesome. The Sox cards are great with the black background, much like this Reds background. I picked this one up for $.47/shipped. It is my 197th cards of his and he is currently my 4th highest player collection.

After the 2 huge player collections listed above. We come to the Gardner auto, it's my 1st auto of his but only my 2nd card of the former Wolverine quarterback. I picked it up for $2.66/shipped.

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