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Friday, February 26, 2021

2017 Topps & more

Today, we're going to head back to the team collections. Tim Anderson says we're the best in the league, I hope they plan on backing that up. I know they play their first spring training game on Sunday but I haven't looked to see if it's on TV yet.

We'll start off this all Topps post with a great photo on a Chrome card. Chrome were just out of the budget range so this was the only one I picked up.

This Frazier was the last one I needed for the team set and I happened to stumble across his mini as well.

The A&G X set is different though, I'm only about half way on that team set even after getting these 3.

These 2 Archives also finish out that team set so I accomplished this with a number of 2017 team sets. Love the 1982 reprints.

While I didn't pick up any Bunt base, I did get these 2 blue parallels. They must have been all off my budget because it's a pretty decent sized team set at 9 cards and I only have 2.

There's only 4 in this team set and this card puts me 1 card away. I like the looks of the card, how it looks like he's stepping out of it.

This Stadium Club isn't the great photos that I enjoy, I like the action shots but it does complete the team set, minus the variation of Jose Abreu.

While everything above this photo are 2017, I did get a few more from 2018, all in one pic. All of these complete the various team sets, the gold is just a bonus. The Update is complete, again, minus the Abreu variation.


  1. So the challenge is to get an autograph from the guy behind Lopez in the weight room.

  2. That Melky is sweet! And... it's hard to argue with Anderson in regards to the AL.
    They're young and stacked. Not sure the Dodgers and their fans would agree with his assessment if he's talking about the MLB.

    1. I could be wrong but I think he said American League. I don't know what'll happen but I know I'm going to enjoy some baseball this year.

  3. White Sox in Ginter X look really good!

    1. I love Sox cards with black backgrounds. I also really liked the couple of years that Topps had the black parallels.


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