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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Possible OD Starter

Just a fairly quick post today because I'm ready for bed. They bumped us up to 10 hour days because the 6 days a week wasn't enough. I was going to work on the post during the Michigan/Iowa game but I got to involved with Dickinson owning Garza that I hardly looked at my laptop.

Today's post is 2 cards and 5 versions of those cards.

I picked up this 2017 A&G along with it's smaller counterpart while looking to complete team collections.

I found these the same way. I always forget which way the scanner scans so these are backwards. The purple prism, prism and the base version. I was looking at the base version and ran into the other 2 prism's versions for fairly cheap on Sportlots so I went ahead and grabbed all 3. 

These 5 cards give me 58 of Lucas who I assume will be our opening day starter.

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