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Monday, February 22, 2021

More Sox Needs

I came home with a few more cards from Fred. I think I have about half of them out of the 7. A couple were 2021 which I know I don't have, at least not in hand as I was in a box break at Nachos Grande but I haven't had the cards sent yet.

Today you get to see some more White Sox cards from 2017.

You just saw the Moncada version of this card a few days ago, now you get the Matt Davidson one. This is my 28th card of our former DH.

I picked up a few Donruss as well. I still need a couple more for the team set but these went a long way to getting me close. As you can see, the Frank Thomas on the left is the black & white variation. The Melky Cabrera is my 10th, my 26th of Frazier and my 545th and 546th of the Big Hurt.

I picked up the Lopez on the right which leaves me 1 card short for the team set. The prizm refractor on the left was just a bonus I ran across searching for the other one. These 2 give me 26 of Lopez.

I like the top 3 just because I don't have many cards of some of the old school players. The Appling (13 cards) the Fox (also 13 cards) and Lyons (4 cards) are pretty cool. I thought the Nellie Fox was a parallel because it was blue before I realized it was just blue. I would have this whole team set except I need the Moncada. Oddly enough, I have the variation but not the base, go figure. Since I don't have many of the old school, we'll change that with the numbers of those last 2 guys. The Chris Sale is my 150th and is also a short print. The 2 cards of the MVP Abreu are my 136th and 137th of him.

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