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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

the Kid Collection

Just 1 card today, but it's a Hall of Famer.

Fred sent me a home with a box (Columbia House box if you can believe that) with a bunch of his cards in it. I went through and took what I wanted. You've seen some of them already but I grabbed this for my Gary Carter Collection. I asked him if he wanted the box back, any sentimental value, he said no. So when I took his cards back, I transferred them into actual card boxes just to help him out. I also gave him a box full of penny sleeves and top loaders which is why he still brings me cards.

He popped in my office today and we were talking cards. It's nice to have those conversations at work. It's rare to even talk baseball there, let alone cards so I've definitely enjoyed him getting back into cards.

Back to the card, this Turkey Red gives me 140 cards of the Kid.


  1. And here I was hoping to see that Columbia House box...

  2. Yeah, let’s see the Columbia House box!!!

  3. I totally meant to take a pic of it too but I forgot when I started going through the cards.


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