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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Callback Catcher

As is our luck this year, Tim Anderson has now gone down 4-6 weeks. I felt like we were starting to look up a bit, not much, but a little bit. We were just starting to get everyone back and bam, another one bites the dust. I don't know what to blame, shortened season, Covid, strength coach, whatever, it's been ridiculous this year. It doesn't help that pretty much everyone on the team isn't statistically up to their averages. At least since our division sucks, we still have a shot at it. Maybe we need to bring the player for today back, you want to talk about some fire and energy. Sadly though, all these cards are from one of the teams we are trying to chase down.

I picked up some more AJ my 2nd time around through Sportlots. I'm doing it differently though as I stop after I hit 5 cards, finish the year I'm on and go to the next player. I'll continue to do this all the way through my player collections and then start at the top, where I left off and do it again. This way, I don't have 200 cards of 1 player at one time.

These are all AJ pre-Sox. I hit my 5th hard on 2003 and then ended up hitting a bunch when I finished off that year as most of the cards (all but 4) are from 2003. The 2 mini's at the end have different backs.

These 13 cards put that collection at 258 cards which puts me in a pretty comfortable lead for 1st place on TCDB.

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  1. That Ultra card is really great. I could see myself getting a copy of that one.


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