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Friday, August 5, 2022

Friday Quicky

Just a quick post tonight, it's after 10 and I've been up since 4 this morning so I'm heading for bed soon. I'll probably mess around with my cards all weekend though.

Luckily, the random gave me only 1 card but it's a nice one.

When I first seen this come out of the envelope, I was thinking it looked familiar and I already had it but I was wrong. This is the orange parallel (I have the base) so at least I was right that it looked familiar. Dennis of Too Many Verlanders, sent this to me in the last package. I say last because he sent me one, so I sent him one so he sent another. He's either way too generous or he just has to have the last word. He actually picked up a few things for me and sent them to me, I'll show those items when the Michigan post comes up again.

This card gives me 37 cards of Darbo and is my 11th relic of his.

As always, Dennis is very generous when it comes to giving out cards and I have plenty more to show when those posts come up.

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