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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Good news, bad news

* I put my March purchases on random for today's post.

Well I got good news, bad news on my cards today. I got all my White Sox Collection cards sorted A-Z. Tomorrow I'll start with the stack of A's and put them in player order and check the spreadsheet and TCDB. The stacks above are all of them. Some letters have multiple stacks so they didn't stack to high. The T's were the most, which didn't surprise me since I have over 400 Frank Thomas cards. You see the bottom row, the 3 stacks on the left? Those are the T's. Oh, and the far right stack, the row above it. None of the other letters had more than 2 stacks.

The bad news is, I've now sorted all my cards and those missing 1985 Topps cards are just gone. I can't explain it, but there it is. I'm not overly mad about it, they probably aren't gone and it was probably my record keeping and I never had them. I was just so proud to actually complete a set but now I guess I'll get that joy again when I finish the next one.

On to today's post, only 1 card today. I think it's funny this post came up today because the reason I collect him is he's a MS activist. I believe his mother has it, as does my wife. I was watching today's 2005 replay of a Sox game (NBC Sports is playing 70 of them with baseball being delayed), and I saw my first ever commercial for the MS Society. I see ads for the meds for it all the time, this was the first one I seen for the actual MS Society. Nothing special, it just surprised me, I'd never seen one.

Obviously I ran across this one looking at the new 2020's for Sox cards. I only paid $.18, which I assume is the minimum across Sportlots because I've never seen one listed anything lower. This is my 111th card of Zimmy.


  1. Sorry to hear about the missing/lost 85's.

  2. Hopefully you don't have a cat around :)

    1. I do, but that's why they are on top of a dresser and not my desk.