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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Cheap Vintage

* I put my March purchases on random for today's post.

We're starting a new month off with some new purchases from Sportslots. We'll have a few White Sox posts, a few new player collections and a couple of Vintage posts along with a couple other player collections. I think there was a total of 13 posts for the month so I don't have to force myself to post every day, even though I have plenty of time to do so now. Maybe I'll get around to doing a random cards from my collection post.

After the random, we end up with a vintage post. If you remember, before I had the vintage collection, I was trying to collect the 1973 Topps set. I purchased a couple of cards from the same seller so I decided to grab a few 1973's that he was selling just to add to the collection.

The Ron Santo was a nice find, I paid $.18 for each of the cards above. These 9 cards put me at 464 cards which is good for 70% completion. I know I have some more from this set in my Sportlots box so you'll see some more next month.

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  1. That Pirates team card is pretty cool too... especially for the price. My eyes are terrible... but somewhere in that photo is Mr. Clemente. At least, I think he's in that photo.