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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cheap Ebay purchase 3

Won another Michigan lot, I’m sure a couple of you are happy to see Wolverines instead of White Sox, Dennis & Dustin I’m sure.  I said earlier in the year and it says up there at the top that the post would determine what I post about.  Well, it’s that time of the year.  About the time this publishes, we should be a little over a week away from Michigan football.  Had a chance at tickets for the season opener, but I had just bought some White Sox tickets for the week after and couldn’t afford to do both.  If I hadn’t already purchased the Sox tickets, I probably would have taken the Michigan tickets.  Oh well, such as my life.

* UPDATE – I am now going to the opener on Sep 3rd against Western Michigan (found out today) and also Sep. 24th against San Diego State (also found out today) along with the 1 game a year I get which is Nov. 19th against Nebraska.  Looking forward to seeing the Nebraska game, not looking forward to the fact that I’ll probably freeze my ass off.


This was just a small sampling of the football cards in the lot.  Some great players up there.  Lots of a little older cards in this lot.  But how can you pass them up either.  I was going to try to get Desmond Howard’s autograph about a month ago when he was here for his college football HOF induction.  But I wasn’t about ready to drop $75 for it.


This is all the basketball and baseball that was included.  I collect any sport in Michigan Uniforms so these were welcomed to the collection as well.  Really liked the Fab 5 cards, that was when I really started to follow Michigan athletics.  I was huge into basketball back then, much more than baseball or football.  Now, baseball and football are back on top.  With basketball a distant 3rd.  I can’t get into basketball anymore, at least NBA.  I can still watch college basketball.  NBA has just way too many selfish players anymore.  It’s all about the players, not the team.  It sucks.

Also like the Jim Abbott.  I followed him back before I knew he went to Michigan because my father had his arm amputated just above the elbow in his fight with cancer.  He loved baseball (Die hard Cubs fan) and he loved to bowl.  He taught himself to bowl left handed after having his arm amputated and got to be pretty good at it before he got too sick to do it anymore.  So I followed Abbott’s professional career back in the early 90’s.

After watching the White Sox last night, I think I’m officially out of hope for this team.  I’m tired of this rollercoaster, win 5 straight, lose 5 straight.  It’s no wonder we’ve been sitting around .500 all season and can’t seem to get over it.  Apparently that’s the kind of team it is.  Konerko is the only player who has performed day in and day out all year round.  Other players have had their hot streaks but other than Konerko, nothing.  I was so excited about this year, not anymore.  I will still cheer for the Sox and I’m still a huge fan, and I still plan on going to the game in a couple of weeks, but I’m tired of getting my hopes up and then crushed.  It’s been that way all year.  Up and Down.  If I had cash on me, I would have paid the Tigers fan at work my bet money on who would have the best record at the end of the year.  The players seem like they’ve quit so I might as well too.  Good thing college football is right around the corner.

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