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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Photo Cleansing #9

For those that are new around here, I save photo’s I like as I go through blogs and when I get a few, I’ll post them here for your enjoyment. And it takes less space storing them here then on my computer.  Here we go.

All baseball in this issue.  Some new, some old.  First up – White Sox


I love these ads.  The advertisement team for the White Sox has been great for the last 6-7 years.  Their slogans have been good,  Although, this years “All In” hasn’t panned out.  They are only half in, which explains the .500 record.

A little video to go with the photos.  Gotta love the trick plays when they happen to pros.


Cool graph thingy of all the uniforms of all MLB clubs in 2011.


He was a bad ass, and has the records to prove it.  Pretty sure this wasn’t after he pummeled Robin Ventura.  Maybe if his fist was bleeding.


Don’t know my Red Sox players enough to know who Nomar taped up.  Kinda looks like Pedro but I don’t know.  But it’s pretty funny.  I’ve always said that baseball players have more fun than any other sports.


Ripken and Murray with Henderson stealing, as he did, a lot.


Carlton Fisk getting the out.


Mickey Mantle.


Satchel Paige.


Minny Minosa.


Minnie Minosa and Phil Rizzuto.


The 1st issue of Sports Illustrated.

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