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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Things are Funner Here, I mean there

I sent Julie of “Things are Funner Here” a trade package of some stuff I picked up for her.  I specifically went looking for some Phillies relics/autos cards because I saw some White Sox stuff on her trade bait page and I was planning on surprising her with the package but apparently I forgot to copy down her address last time so I had to contact her for her address so I took away the surprise.  But Julie sent back a great package anyways.  Here are the highlights.


Brent Morel rookie who is more or less our starting 3rd basemen this year.  Tyler Flowers rookie who is supposed to be our catcher of the future but hasn’t panned out so far.  Frank Thomas finest (I always liked those cards) and a Thomas rookie reprint of his 90 topps with no-name.  Ken Griffey didn’t do well for us but I have always liked him and liked seeing him in the White Sox colors.  I always have liked the all around good guys.


7 Konerko’s including a jersey card and a Tom Seaver.  More great cards for my player collections.  I think I have one or two of them already but that’s just fine, because I like to put one in my player collection first, and then one for the team collection.


My first Gordon Beckham relic card whom I also like a lot.  And the Gavin Floyd Bowman green that Julie had posted a few weeks ago that made me go look at her trade bait page to begin with.

Great cards Julie, thanks a bunch.  Be sure to check out “Things are Funner Here” folks.

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