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Saturday, August 13, 2011

LCS purchase, not SLCS purchase

I went to what I will now refer to as, my LCS.  It’s not really a card shop, but they have some cards there.  And the real LCS in the area sucks ass and I don’t like going there.  I actually talked to the guy around the counter today and he seemed to know his stuff, so I assume he does the buying.  There is nothing new there, he buys from people getting rid of cards.  That what his shop mostly is, like a pawn shop but mostly deals in movies and games.  But he has $1 boxes along with relics and autos in a showcase.  Which is more than I can say about the SLCS (Sucky LCS as it is to be known around there parts now).  Anyways, my wife had surgery Thursday and hasn’t slept well since so while she took a nap on Friday, I went down to my new LCS and went through the $1 boxes,  I had 3 stacks of cards picked out but I had to narrow them down because I can’t afford that many.  Here is what I walked out with.


Another Billy Williams, along with McCovey and Santo.  I used to have this card back in the day.  This one is cut wrong, but I figured I’d take it till I can replace it with a better one.  This is only my 3rd Billy Williams for that player collection.  A Chris Webber card for my Michigan collection.  My first Chris Webber and my first Michigan basketball card.  And an Anthony Davis rookie autograph.  It’s a Colts auto and it was a $1.


Some pretty sweet vintage. The top 2 cards aren’t in the best condition, but they aren’t bad either. Those are my firsts from either set. 1963 Post Cereal and a Minny Minoso 1955 Bowman. The 1968 Topps ERA leaders with 2 White Sox players on them (Joe Horlen and Gary Peters) and 2 vintage Luis Aparicio’s (1968 and 1969) I absolutely love these cards. How can you not, I was pretty pumped when I ran across them, Those 2 were a little more than $1, but only by $1 so they were both still pretty cheap.

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