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Monday, August 29, 2011

Cheap Ebay purchase, lots of lots

I’ve been buying up any Sox/Colts vintage that I don’t have and that I can get for .50 or less.  Some oddball player collection cards at .50 or less.  And some relic/auto cards I can get for under $2.  Here’s some of what I received this week.

Before I get to my last of the ebay purchases this week, and apparently my last saved post.  I wanted to thank all of you who donated to the MS Society for our walk and a thanks to Dennis who posted on his blog about it.  You guys are awesome.  We posted it on our Facebook pages, and didn’t get hardly anything.  I posted on my blog and you guys came through.  So a big thanks to all of you who have donated.  And if you missed that post, it’s right here.  Now, on to the post.

This is my last cheap ebay purchase for this week.  I haven’t shopped too much on ebay this week so I may not have much for next week.  But as you can tell, I went all out on the lots this week.  I have a lot for each of the teams I collect in today’s post.


Peyton Manning – 4 card lot.  .99/shipped.  Funny story about this lot, it was a free shipping lot so it came in a PWE, or rather, it didn’t come but I got a little notice on my door about a postage due envelope at the post office.  So I went in and picked this up and paid $1.73 to get it.  I got home and took pics of the envelope and my receipt and sent the guy a message and told him what happened.  I told him I took photos of everything before I opened and I could send those to him.  He didn’t seem very happy and asked for the photos.  Which I can guess because he probably figured I was pulling some scam on him.  But after he received the pic he was more than happy to refund my money.  I had told him I didn’t mind paying it but couldn’t give him positive feedback if I did.  I just can’t see giving someone a negative comment over a few bucks.  But he refunded it so all was good.

He probably wasn’t happy at all considering it cost him over $2 to ship and I only paid $.99 for the cards.  He said he wasn’t happy about it but it was his fault so he would pay for it.


This was a 21 card lot, there are 18 here and 3 dupes.  But I only had 1 card from the 1986 team so for $.42, I bought it anyways.  Funny story, again.  Same story for the most part.  This also came postage due of $1.07.  I told him the same thing but since there were 21 cards, I told him I didn’t care what he did.  If he refunded the shipping cost I paid, then I would leave positive feedback but I told him I didn’t care one way or the other and I wouldn’t leave a negative either way as well.  Again, I can’t see leaving a negative for $1 mistake.  He seemed at odds and I probably could have gotten the refund, but I told him that I truly didn’t care.  I still paid less than $2 for 18 new cards to my collection.

I hadn’t run into this with all the buying I’ve done on ebay and then I end up with it twice in the same week.


This was just a 6 card lot that I won for $.06.  Eventually I’ll get all 3 of the Michigan lots together and see if I have some dupes for Dennis, I still owe him quite a bit of cards.  I did look at the LCS for a hit for him when I went looking for prizes for my last contest but they didn’t have anything yet.  Just so you know I hadn’t forgotten you.

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