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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trade with Dennis

Thanks again everybody for joining me on my mini-celebration of my 100th post.  I doubt I’ll do it every 100 posts but I may do some just for fun in the future.  I got so many comments on that post that I didn’t respond to any.  For all my new followers and commenters, feel free to comment elsewhere and I’ll do my best to respond.  It’s always great to get comments on my posts.  I’ve bookmarked a bunch more sites to add to my blogroll too, just something else for me to accomplish.

I downloaded the Google Reader app on my phone so hopefully I can read blogs elsewhere and leave me time to do other things when I get home to my laptop, like work on my have/for trade lists.  Or my photo gallery of my cards.

As mentioned in a previous post, I met Dennis of “Too Many Grandersons” in person at Fan Appreciate Day in Ann Arbor for a trade, we hung out a bit while waiting in lines and talked some Michigan football.  I felt bad after the trade, Dennis gave me a lot of cards and some great hits.  I definitely owe him more and will be on the lookout for some great cards to repay the trade.  I just scanned very few of what he gave me, a scan of each teams/players.  He gave me way more than represented here.


Again, a small representative.  It was tough to only scan 8 cards.  There was a whole bunch of Peyton Manning’s as well as other Colts stars.


I scanned the Paul Konerko’s that I didn’t have for the White Sox portion of the trade.  The majority of the cards I got from Dennis were White Sox.  Of course, the main reason we read each others blogs are for the following team.


The Maize and Blue.  This was the smallest portion of the trade but that’s because he collects them as well but he gave me a bunch of his dupes.    In the last week or so my Michigan collection went from 6 or 7 cards to closing in on a 100 or so.  I’ve hit a few small lots on ebay pretty cheap as well as what Dennis gave to me.


The 2 Peyton Mannings are pretty cool.  I had never seen the coins before (1998 Pinnacle mint collection) and I’m always up for a patch card.  But the Harold Baines autograph is awesome.  Love Harold!  And the Gordon Beckham razor letterman was the “hit” of the lot.  I really love this card.  I can’t thank Dennis enough for that one.  I will definitely be on the lookout for some cards to get to you.

Be sure to check out Dennis at “Too Many Grandersons”, you can’t go wrong checking out all his Wolverine hits.  I just try to ignore the Tigers cards.  GO BLUE!!!!!

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  1. If you are a Konerko fan, I have a couple hits that you might be interested in if you have any Astros that need a new home! Let me know if you are interested.

    And you are right. Dennis is a great trader!