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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Down goes Frasor!!!

That's what was going through my head when Ozzie brought out Jason Frasor in the 9th last night.  The Sox deserved to lose that game.  Errors, bad baserunning, bad execution in the field, they definitely deserved to lose.  But in the 8th, Paul Konerko gets his 2000th career hit and ties the game at 4.  That was the Angels mistake.  Pitching to Konerko with a runner in scoring position, 1st base open, and the struggling Rios on deck.  Ask the Angels fan here at work, he was pissed.

Frasor comes in the 8th, can't throw an offspeed pitch for a strike.  Barely gets out of the inning, stranding a man on 1st and 3rd.  Now I don't know much about Jason Frasor, and I understand how a pitcher can have a bad outing.  He did good to get out of the 8th.  But why does Ozzie bring him out to pitch the 9th.  All the Angels had to do was sit on his fastball.  And I wouldn't be upset as much when he came in to start the 9th, but how the hell is he still in there after they load the bases, with 1 out.  Matt Thornton was warmed up in the 8th and 9th.  Why wasn't he brought in at any point of this inning.  This isn't the same Matt Thornton that was supposed to be our closer and sucked.  He has been great the last couple of months.  Last I heard, and it may be over now, but he had a consecutive scoreless innings pitched at 20+ innings.  Why? Why? Why?

So yes, we sucked.  Yes, we deserved to lose.  But I blame Ozzie, because after all that, we were still in it and had a chance.  But Ozzie didn't give us the best chance to win and that is his job.  The Angel fan here at work thanks you Ozzie.  But I sure as hell don't.

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