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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lineage blaster #1

Picked up a couple of blasters of the Topps Lineage.  I really like these sets.  I like the new stars mixed with the old.  The replica 1975 mini’s (if I was a set collector, I would definitely go for that one),  Not sure if I like the jersey cards being on the 1975 mini’s because it almost ruins the look of the card.  I’m not big at reading all the odds of pulling this or that.  I assume, since the blasters come a jersey card to a box, that the checklist on those are pretty big.  But on to the pulls.


I’ll start with the vintage players.  As I stated before, I really like these.  I like pulling players from the past.  It’s been overdone on a few players (Mickey Mantle & Jackie Robinson) but even those guys I like to pull in packs.  I also got an Albert Belle (yeah, you read that right) but didn’t have the need to scan that one.


Josh Hamilton 3D, Robinson Cano sparkly (Diamond Anniversary), and Tsuyoshi Nishioka (Platinum Diamond.)


David Price (Venezuelan) and Zach Britton (Rookies).  Not a big fan of the Venezuelan set, I do like the Rookies set if only for the memories of the Commemorative set’s of the 80’s that I used to have.


Kevin Youkilis (‘75 mini) and a Ricky Romero (‘75 mini relic)

All the above are available for trade, the below are not.


And of course, the cards going into my collections.  I was pretty pumped to get both Seaver’s in one box.  I was looking at buying them both, I’m glad I didn’t.

Like I said above, I’m a fan of this set.  I’ve purchased another blaster that I’ll review tomorrow.


  1. I'd like the Kaline if it's for trade. I'm sure I can find some Sox to send your way.

  2. "Not sure if I like the jersey cards being on the 1975 mini’s because it almost ruins the look of the card."


    Care to trade for the Youkilis mini?

  3. I'm interested in any of the legends, except Foxx, Mize, Murray and Sisler (I have all of them). Oh, and I already have Kaline coming my way later from the esteemed commenter above me here.

    I don't want to be greedy, so if you need to spread the wealth - no worries at all. One card would be just fine. My priority is Morgan (then Ruth, Ryan, Gibson, Palmer, Snider, Campy).

    I'll take a look soon at another proposal.